Anger mode.

I went to the library in my university today, hoping to pick up some books written by Carl Sagan or really anything interesting on the debate between science and religion. Do you know what I found?

None of the books I was looking for were there. Even though the books are listed in the library’s catalog system, I found very few books on the subject – most addressing only evolution. When I asked the librarian on duty where all the books are, she sighed and said a lot of them get checked out and never returned, they just go “missing”. Some of them are returned with graffiti telling the reader how they’re going to hell. I was shocked and appalled.

I feel fairly certain that a lot of these books aren’t returned because people don’t want others (like me) to read them. They don’t want anything out there that questions their precious beliefs. I wouldn’t have easily come to this conclusion had the librarian not heavily suggested this.

So why are religious people SO afraid of people questioning them? If your faith is strong and you ‘know’ that you are right, why do books like these threaten you so much? Your faith should remain untouched. I’m just very, very angry that I don’t have the opportunity to read these books because someone else decided they were poisonous when they probably have no idea what the information in them is all about because they never dared consider the other side. I’m just very angry, and generally upset with my fellow humans at my university.

I would NEVER do this to the books written in support of theology, no matter how much I disagreed with them. Simply because I know I have truth and evidence on my side, so I don’t feel threatened or a need to do away with them in fear of it threatening my views on the world.


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I came to this site to discuss my beliefs, and yours too, and hopefully learn some things from my fellow human beings.

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