Possibly the worst argument for Christianity I’ve ever heard – Horton Hears a Who

I came across this on a website called Atheism Fallacies (which actually makes very little effort to debunk atheist views rather than use the word of God to try to prove atheists wrong). Someone was arguing that Christianity is like Horton, and the people who didn’t believe that there was an entire civilization of people living on a spec of dust were real would be the atheists. The antagonist of the story, a stubborn kangaroo, talks about how if you can’t see, feel, touch, etc. something, it isn’t there because there’s no evidence. I’m paraphrasing, obviously. I don’t feel like talking in a Dr. Seuss rhyme scheme.

Then this person went on to say that this proves that Christianity was right because there were Whos’ on the dust, just because the other people don’t believe him doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

Here’s where the entire argument falls apart:

Horton’s community does eventually believe him, after he convinces the Whos to make enough noise to be heard by them. The difference between the Whos and God here being that they were able to prove their existence through physical means. The others obviously apologized to Horton for thinking he was crazy, but only because they were presented with actual proof. God has never done that. The whole comparison is awful and very poorly thought-out.


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One Response to Possibly the worst argument for Christianity I’ve ever heard – Horton Hears a Who

  1. Hey I’d like to call bull crap God did prove himself several times I’d rather not get into a debate but if u want to check and see who’s right just go and do a little research have an awesome day Justin Savage

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