A post regarding Obama and Romney that isn’t entirely political.

Why are there people out there who believe that Obama is a Muslim (just because his father was doesn’t automatically mean he would be), or an atheist? And then they go on to use this false information as a reason not to vote for him. First of all, that’s closed-mindedness at its peak. Second, he’s Christian. Why do people care that Romney is a mormon unless he imposes those mormon views onto government system (which he is, but this is beside the point) but let’s get to what I’m talking about here.

It’s already been proven that religious views that match up with those of the masses don’t necessarily make a good leader. How’s it been proven? Ever hear of Hitler? He was a christian. So why is it so important to people of this country that their leader’s religious views line up with (or come close to) theirs? Being religious or not doesn’t dictate a person’s capabilities when it comes to a job like being president. Only the small-mindedness of indoctrinated, scared minds would not be able to see this.

There are plenty of reason to hate Obama and Romney, they’re politicians who have both done their fair share of awful things. Why not just focus on the actual issues? Why do you have to resort to small-minded arguments to come up with reasons not to like politicians?


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5 Responses to A post regarding Obama and Romney that isn’t entirely political.

  1. Because it’s easier than thinking?

  2. goldheathen says:

    The reason would seem to be that there are a great many theists who (dubiously) equate (their) religion with morality. Voters care about a candidate’s religion for the same reason that 80 some odd percent of Americans polled won’t vote for a qualified atheist. Because their indoctrination teaches them you need Jesus or one of the other interchangeable deities to be a good an conscientious person… Of course we know that that’s not the case. Personally I think one should consider a candidate’s religious affiliation as a measure of their reasoning and logical faculties. Should a person who believes that there werejews in north America in the bronze age be trusted to make treaties or hold launch codes?

    • thatcatkatie says:

      Should a person who believes their prophet read from golden plates even though he was illiterate and a convicted con-artist be elected president? Not a serious question, it just popped into my head when I read that last sentence. 😛
      But you’re right, I still do not understand why people think religion automatically grants morality and atheism makes you some sort of heathen, it’s just not true. Just because I’m not acting moral in order to gain something (entrance to heaven or avoidance of hell) doesn’t mean I lack the ability to understand morals and act upon them, it also doesn’t mean there’s no reason to act morally. If you think you need religion in order to be moral and wouldn’t act morally without it, that speak more to your character than how the world actually works.

  3. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    Wait. Small-mindedness is the problem with religion. I’m afraid of religious people because they might make stupid decisions based on inadequate reason with the thinking that they’re “God” wants them to do it. Remember when George Bush invaded Iraq, claiming that “God” was on our side and calling other countries evil? I want leaders to instead think more about the consequences of their actions and not just fire off some missiles because they “prayed” about it the night before.

    With that said, yes, people who think Obama is Muslim are idiots, because he’s obviously a “Christian” (whatever that means, because I don’t think Jesus would order drone strikes near civilian targets).

    Mormons scare me a little because they actually take their religion seriously, even though the origin of their religion is even more unrealistic than normal Christianity.

    • thatcatkatie says:

      Yeah, and you would think that since the constitution states that no religion would be made the official one of the country (part of that whole freedom of religion thing, no big deal), that no major political decision, ESPECIALLY ONES DEALING WITH WAR, would permit a message from God as a justifiable reason to go to war.
      Religion is what happens what logic and reason fail. I don’t understand how the world hasn’t figured this out yet, what with the countless wars and crimes committed on religion’s behalf every day, all the time, everywhere. But the people still seem to want to turn to it in times of crisis even though nothing good has come out of it.
      I’m not a fan of Obama or Romney, they’re both slimy, although if I had to pick one I guess Obama is less slimy.

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