Why Christians get ‘picked on’ so much – found on blogspot.

“My name is Sali Alzahabi and was speaking to Glenn on Skype in a call when I notice him roll his eyes and chuckle.  Asked him what was funny and he said that a Christian asked him why atheists always pick on Christians.  I asked to write this article for his atheist blog.  Just keep in mind, I’m not atheist nor am I agnostic, I am a Muslim and I live in Batesville, Arkansas USA.  And no I’m not a terrorist.  We’re pissed off about 9/11 as much as the rest of the country.  So here’s the bit of irony, you’re going to have a religious, practicing Muslim tell you why atheists “pick” on you Christians here in the USA.

As a Muslim, we believe in following Sharia law as mandated in the Ko’ran.  However, I would never ever ever ever try to impose my religious beliefs into the laws of this country.  This means that if I get the chance to vote on gay marriage as example, I vote to allow and legalize gay marriage.  I vote to legalize gay marriage, legalize marijuana, legalize drugs in general, remove blue laws (such as no alcohol sale on Sundays) and I am completely against prohibition of alcohol.

Me being Muslim with a strong love for Allah to the great prophet of Islam, it’s against my religion to eat pork products and touch alcohol.  Would I ever put my religion in the voting booths?  Never.  That’s wrong and I don’t believe anyone should be denied their rights unless it somehow legitimately violates other people’s rights.  Such as I wouldn’t require women to wear hijab, I wouldn’t ban alcohol, I wouldn’t ban pork products regardless of how tempting bacon smells, I wouldn’t legalize rape, I wouldn’t legalize child rape nor molestation and think rapists and child molesters should be put in prison.

So why do atheists “pick on us Christians” you ask?  As I was stating earlier and you definitely should have the hint by now, I’m not an atheist but I’ll be glad to answer that for you.  You drag your religion into the voting booths and in politics constantly.  You ban gay marriage due to your own religious bias and oppress gay people outright.  You try to plaster your religion everywhere, in the pledge of allegiance, our paper money, try to put the 10 commandments in courthouses, try to place Christian Creationism in public schools, try to put Christian Prayer in public schools, etc.

The reason they “pick” on you guys so much is because you’re always shoving your religion down their throats as well as my own.  I have Christians knocking on my door and the moment they see my turban and beard, such as the Mormons, they automatically always know I’m Muslim, then start talking and preaching about how I’m in the wrong religion and how I’m going to be burning in hell for eternity.

You knock on our doors to push your religion and try to use the government to the best of your ability to influence the rest of the country to try and force everyone else to create and follow laws that are based on your flavor of religion.  Basically put, you Christians are actually forcing your religion on the rest of the country and doing so pretty hard to the point that even me as a Muslim has to live by your religious laws.

America is a secular nation, not a Christian nation.  America is a nation that contains many, many religions, not just Christians and atheists, but Muslims, Jews, Wiccans, Taoists, Buddhists, Satanists, etc.  Does insulting my prophet bother me?  Yes, I do find it offensive, but I also believe in freedom of speech and freedom of religion which also means freedom to blaspheme and freedom from religion.  To me, atheists are free to trash talk my religion and prophet to my face in person, I will not do anything to them.  I will politely ask them to refrain from such speech with me because I find it offensive and ask to change the subject.  If they don’t, I ignore them and walk away.  If a gay man flirts with me, I take it as a compliment.  I’m straight and admit gays are against my religion, but I take it as a compliment because that means I’m attractive to them which means I’m also attractive to women.  Does that mean I should go and vote away their rights so that gay couples can never be married?  No, of course not.

Marriage can be a religious thing.  Marriage can also be a secular thing.  If I could marry a gay couple legally where I’m at, would I?  No, it’s against my religion to personally do so.  I would, however, direct them to see a judge to have a courthouse judge marry them.  I would never deny someone their freedoms nor would I ever personally push my religion on anyone else.

So contrast between myself as a Muslim to the common Christian in America?  Atheists don’t pick on me as much primarily because you guys are the ones causing the majority of the problems with their day to day lives.  You guys are far too pushy with your religion.  I would say that it would be pushy of me to talk about Islam in this guest blog article, but honestly Glenn asked me to just to show a comparison between my religion and yours on how strong my religious faith is versus how I personally vote in the voting booths.

I do not like oppression nor persecution and wouldn’t do it to gays nor anyone else.  After 9/11, I’ve personally been beaten up and had death threats by “loving” Christians.  Comparing me to Muslim extremists and terrorists is much like me comparing any Christian to the Westboro Baptist Church.  It’s unfair and not right and I’ve personally witnessed first hand what oppression and persecution feels like, I would never do it to anyone else.  I’m ashamed in America for having allowed Christians to violate the United States Constitution so much by not keeping church and state separate.

When voting on any issues within the United States, whether it be gay rights, abortion, whatever, you need to think about other people, not just yourself.  You need to take into account the rights and views of people of various walks of life and various religions and lack thereof.  For example again, my stance on gay marriage is that I don’t agree with it, it’s against my religion, however, I will not and cannot personally vote against gay marriage.  If I were to vote against gay marriage, that would be me dragging my religion into the voting booths.

To put it another Christians, you wouldn’t want us Muslims to enact Sharia Law in the United States on the federal level, you’d go up in arms and throw a major fit over it, and you rightly should because that would be forcing you to live by the laws of a religion that’s not your own.  Rightly so, you should also not vote with your religion because every time you do, you force other people to live by religious laws that are not their own too.

In short, they pick on you because you effect their lives far too much, bug them too much by knocking on their doors and overall can’t keep your religion out of the government and out of secular laws.  Keep your religion out of the voting booth and out of everyone else’s lives.  My religion is followed in my own home or at what you call a “church” but for us, I’m not ashamed of being Muslim, I’m just ashamed that I’m an American because Christians are unable to keep their religion out of everyone else’s lives.  Christians are far too pushy and try to make the United States into a Theocracy.  Want to know what a Theocracy looks and feels like?  Look to the Middle East, see how screwed up it is over there?  That’s people of my religion.  Your own religion is just as bad when taken literally, look at your bible and how you vote.  “Gay people deserve death”, really?  We say that too!  “You shall never touch the skin of a dead pig”  Yup, we say that as well.  “You shall not wear clothes made of two different threads” yup, Muslim and Christian at the same time again.  Christianity is as bad as Christians see Islam as being.  If the US ever became a Christian Theocracy, it’ll be a very, very dark time in the USA.”

I didn’t write this, the man who did introduced himself at the beginning. I loved the post though. Source below. Just as a warning, the rest of his blog isn’t exactly pg13, so if you’re reading this at work don’t  wander outside of that link.



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12 Responses to Why Christians get ‘picked on’ so much – found on blogspot.

  1. coarseheart says:

    Interesting post. Very interesting. It’s true, a lot of Christians do tend to shove their morals and ethics down other people’s throats, which yes, is wrong. Christians follow a different morality than non-christians. We can’t expect other people to follow our beliefs on what is right and wrong. BUT, as a Christian, I have the obligation to fight for justice and live for love. So if I believe that the government is going to be do wrong through a certain policy or regulation, I’m going to do what I can to argue why it’s causing harm and why it needs to change. That all stems from what I believe. It’s impossible to escape my religion. I can’t just decide to not bring my religion into the way that I deal with government, because my religion is a part of me, just as your morals and beliefs are a part of you. Telling any religious person to leave their religion at the door is basically asking them to leave themselves at the door. At least that’s what it would feel like to me. I personally think it’s a good thing that christians are being picked on. That means we really have to know what we’re talking about. And it’s a good thing that atheists think that christians are shoving their religion down your throats because it’ll really make you think about life and love and morals and everything inbetween. If you do it right, we’ll sharpen each other and we’ll all learn something.

    • thatcatkatie says:

      The problem with voting with your religion is that you end up imposing it upon others. You could still vote for things that don’t necessarily align with your religion, for example employers being required to provide birth control with their health insurance, and still follow the religious rules in your own life. Why should the entire country, and many women, have to suffer the consequences of not having cheap birth control because your religion doesn’t like it? Such a law doesn’t require you to use birth control or to changes your religious views, it just enables people with other views to not have to go around your religion in their daily lives. Same with gay marriage – don’t allow it in the church, don’t support it in your personal life, but why should the entire country be subject to a law that actively demeans and infringes on the happiness of many because of a religious code? Especially since this topic is one that the opposition is only based in religion – no one is against gay marriage for anything other than religious reasons. So why should it be a law that governs over people who aren’t Christian? Preventing gay marriage doesn’t help anyone, it doesn’t improve society, it only brings sadness and creates prejudice for homosexuals. But Christians think it’s okay to impose their moral code on the whole country instead of just living their lives by it. This irritates people, how could it not?

      • coarseheart says:

        What do you mean by imposing? I often find people complaining that Christians “impose” their religion on others, but I don’t know what that necessarily means. Everyone has free speech right? That means that opinions will come out. Are you saying that Christians should just shut up and not talk about their faith at all? I’m just wondering about terms.

        • thatcatkatie says:

          Prime example would be gay marriage being illegal. The only people who will say it is ‘wrong’ is the religious. This belief doesn’t stem from anything else, and yet in a nation of people who aren’t entirely Christian and that isn’t supposed to have an official religion, we have a purely Christian law.

          • coarseheart says:

            Hm. I understand why you would think that, since some Christians are very adamant in letting everyone know that they think Gay marriage is wrong. I’ve met many non-Christians who think that gay marriage is wrong. They simply just don’t like it. And they’re very vocal about it. Anyway, I’m just saying I would disagree with you on that point. I personally think that Gay marriage should be allowed because marriage doesn’t mean the same thing as it used to in our culture, and Christians can no longer claim it as their own ritual. So if a gay couple wants to get married, hell yeah, let them marry!

          • thatcatkatie says:

            You’re right, non-religious people get married all of the time. The meanings of things changes with time and as cultures change. Religious people get divorced all the time, so if gay marriage is ruining the meaning of marriage, wouldn’t divorce be, also? By their own logic divorce should be illegal. I’ve always thought this, although it is a bit off-topic. But still, you can’t change that the prevention of gay marriage is pioneered by people who don’t like it because of their religious values. And I’m willing to bet if you ask a non-religious opposer, they’d say something like ‘marriage is between a man and a woman’ which basically brings it all back to deep-seeded tradition and prejudices that stem from religious ideas, even if the person doesn’t worship anything themselves (old habits die hard).

          • coarseheart says:

            Hm, yeah, good point. You could probably trace it back to some sort of religious belief. And yeah, Christians are at the front lines of the war on marriage. I think it’s idiotic. Christians shouldn’t be. I personally don’t think it’s how we should be showing love to the world. How is it loving to reject people’s rights and impose theology. The strongest theology behind all other theology is that we, as christians, are to love others as he has loved us. I don’t think we’re doing that well in the area of marriage. That’s my perspective.

          • thatcatkatie says:

            I like your perspective. I always try to get people to understand that gay marriage becoming legal doesn’t mean you have to stop practicing your religion. You can still call them sinners all they way. Just don’t stop them from living the way they want to because you (not you specifically, a general you) think it’s immoral so no one should do it – it’s not like murder, no one is getting hurt. No one is having their rights taken away. You can still practice your religion, define marriage as you want to within the church and in your home. No one is trying to stop you the way that you’re trying to prevent gay people from having equal status.

        • thatcatkatie says:

          I don’t think Christians should just “shut up.” I don’t freak out when someone says the word God. It’s wrong, however, to think that since you live one specific way that everyone should live the same way you do so that you don’t have to be made uncomfortable by everyone not going along with your belief system. I openly welcome discussion from Christians who have opposing views from mine, it helps me learn, it gives me perspective, and it generally only strengthens my own beliefs.

        • thatcatkatie says:

          Also, in some cases when I say imposing, and maybe this is very foreign to you in your personal experience, but I have been preached at by Christians who know nothing about me. I had someone tell me once all I needed was church and I wouldn’t be such a nuisance to the world – this was said to be because I said something about The Big Bang in a literature class, I wasn’t even trying to go into detail, I mentioned it in passing. A large chunk of my family takes it upon themselves to quote scripture at me whenever they see me no matter how hard I try to ignore and avoid them. Then, there’s the other kind of imposing which I already addressed.

          • coarseheart says:

            Hm. Yeah. I struggle to love those Christians too, trust me. They bother the crap out of me. Not all Christians are like that. I like to hope that I’m not like that haha. Then again, I’m a pretty liberal Christian, and most Christians end up thinking that I’m being blasphemous and they start quoting scripture to me too haha

          • thatcatkatie says:

            I know not all Christians are like that, most of my family is Christian, and while some of them are real jerks about it, the others love me no matter what I think as long as I live my life in a good way. We still disagree and talk about our opposing views, but I don’t classify that as an imposition of their beliefs onto me. There’s a difference between conversation or a civil argument and attacking someone’s ideals though.

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