What do you even say to someone who is so indoctrinated they think evolution is a lie?

Honestly, I’ve been talking with this person – they obviously don’t understand evolution, they keep saying we can’t ‘observe’ it (which is a really stupid argument for someone who takes everything on faith). They keep saying it’s a tool for racism created by Darwin. Honestly, even though I keep trying to explain it to him in the simplest ways – he doesn’t get it. It’s pathetic to try to logically explain something to someone and have them not even try to hear you because they’re clinging so hard to religion. You shouldn’t be afraid of actually (KEY WORD – YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO DO IT INSTEAD OF JUST READ A BOOK ON IT BY SOME CHRISTIAN GUY OR ANOTHER BIASED SOURCE) learning the information that opposes your side. It helps you learn more about your side, and in the end if your faith is strong and you come to fully understand evolution, then nothing will be changed. If it happens to bring you to my side of thinking, so be it.


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I came to this site to discuss my beliefs, and yours too, and hopefully learn some things from my fellow human beings.

5 Responses to What do you even say to someone who is so indoctrinated they think evolution is a lie?

  1. If they are Catholic or give credence to the RCC then they should really look at what the church has to say about it – it’s true. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catholic_Church_and_evolution#Pope_Benedict_XVI_and_today

    Evolutionary changes and speciation have been observed and documented. Not believing in it does not make it untrue.

  2. coarseheart says:

    I would say just like you hope that they’ll see your perspective, maybe you need to try to understand their perspective also. As ridiculous as you might think it is. Are you trying to learn or are you trying to prove your point in this discussion? If you’re trying to learn, then hey, why not learn a different perspective. If you’re trying to prove your point, then learning his perspective will help you debunk his theories even better :p

    • thatcatkatie says:

      Actually, it’s interesting that you say that, because I have considered the other side. I used to be a Christian, and a fairly ignorant one at that. I’ve experienced the other perspective. I know what it feels like to have faith and believe what I’m told in church and believe in God, but I obviously ended up deconverting as they call it.

  3. I tried to lay out the basic logic of evolution in my blog post On the Skepticism of Evolution for precisely this point. In it I give an anecdote of an atheist friend who believes in evolution but doesn’t understand how it actually works. This way, it doesn’t seem like an atheist verses theist argument. It has worked to various degrees with some theists I have debated. Generally they go to the supposed micro- macro- difference in evolution and admit that micro evolution is true. It’s a start…

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