Redefining my views.

I have been thinking about this for a long time, in light of some discussions not only with you good people on here (both those who agree and disagree with me, you have made me think) but with some discussions I’ve had with my father and other family members. Now don’t get too excited, I’m certainly not about to accept any God as real to me, not about to go to church and be a born-again Christian or anything close to that.

So what am I getting at? I have always asserted in my mind that there is no God. Not because I can definitively prove so, but because I find it unreasonable to assume so and I see no good evidence for it. Now, I have redefined what that means to me – I cannot accept that a supernatural being, as described by any of the religions of the world, exists and is the reason for my existence. I view the versions of God that man has created as only existing as a means to try to explain our world, because we did not always have science, and also as a means of keeping the masses where the (institutionalized) religions want them. The teachings of these Gods are also contradictory and lack the answer to many questions concerning the world and the universe.
However, making this assertion means that I had to dive deeper. It’s the reason why I have to tack the word agnostic onto my atheism. Did this mean that there could possibly be a ‘God’ in a manner which I had not yet conceived? Possible, but still not probable in my mind – although I have an easier time accepting that I cannot know if such a being exists. If there is a God, I do not think we have yet conceived what that even means – and therefore we cannot assert whether or not he has any interest in what happens to the creations which this being has made. This means that, even in the situation where some intelligent being created the universe, he may not necessarily care what we do with our time here. The possibility of such a being does not reasonably assert an idea of an afterlife to me either, although still, I have to acknowledge the possibility. However, the possibility to me couldn’t be heaven or hell, because they still simply make no sense to me. Just because I acknowledge the possibility, does not mean that I think it to be so, however. But I’m human and more than capable of being wrong, especially considering our limited viewpoint of the universe and that our knowledge expands all the time.

I have to also come to the position that in light of these realizations, I am an anti-theist. I cannot ignore the vast amounts of harm done by organized religion, or the fact that it more often than not does not meet the moral obligation which it has. This does not necessarily mean that though I observe these evils, that they assert any evidence for or against a god, but can only be used to logically argue that such a god does not exist because of what religion claims to be, and yet it demonstrates behavior opposite of its claims that it teaches love through God. I believe a secular world would be good, but that a world without organized religion would be great. However, I would never hope to forcibly take anyone’s religion away from them, only hope that they would come to similar conclusions through their own thoughts, which can be achieved only through discussion and research.


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I came to this site to discuss my beliefs, and yours too, and hopefully learn some things from my fellow human beings.

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