Why homosexuality isn’t ruining the world.

  1. Just because gay people are finally allowed equal legal status, does not mean that you are not allowed to think they are sinners. You are still perfectly allowed to keep your religious views and practice them – no one is attempting to take that from you, don’t worry.
  2. It is not unnatural. Just because it doesn’t create a child does not make it unnatural. And even if it is, who says unnatural things are evil? You know what else is unnatural? Eyeglasses, toilet paper, and vacuum cleaners – things which have not only not ruined society with their unnaturalness but made it better.
  3. It does not mean that pedophilia or bestiality will suddenly become legal. Do you want to know why it is completely illogical to think it will? Because gay marriage is between two consenting adults in love, not a child being abused by a creepy stalker, not a person and a creature of lesser intelligence that has no idea what’s going on. Animals also have no legal standing and couldn’t reasonably sign a marriage license anyways. They aren’t the same things at all, and to say so is hateful and bigoted.
  4. People won’t start ‘turning gay’. Homosexuality is not a choice. Don’t believe me? Really contemplate this for a second, how much do you choose to be attracted to members of the opposite sex if you’re straight? Or, contemplate what this would mean – that you could (assuming this mindset is correct) choose to be sexually attracted to someone as the same sex as you if you wanted to. Can you just flip that switch? No. Gay parents will not automatically raise gay children, especially since straight parents are responsible for the production of gay children.
  5. Children will not grow up weird because of it. However, they might grow up weird if you keep telling them that something as innocent as two people of the same sex being in love is wrong.That is probably the only way they will feel weird or confused about it. It is important to recognize that this does not stem from homosexuality itself but as a result of the bigots who condemn it and aim to bully those who do not agree with them. The argument that you need a male and female role model is wrong in that single parents raise successful children all of the time.
  6. Straight marriage will not be made less meaningful because of it (weird mindset anyways). Especially not since straight couples have already done a good job of defiling marriage by getting divorces all of the time. Also, there are people like Kim Kardashian running around getting married as a publicity stunt.
  7. Marriage is not just a religious thing anymore, it is also a legal status. Also, nothing is being threatened because it is being redefined. Besides, marriage has been redefined in the past – women are no longer viewed as property in marriage. The church used to also not be too keen on allowing non-white people to marry.
  8. It will not send us into chaos because we have to adapt to change. I’d argue that the invention of cars changed society more than gay marriage does. You won’t have to turn your whole world upside down (unless you make a personal effort to) because it is slowly becoming legal in more and more places.

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I came to this site to discuss my beliefs, and yours too, and hopefully learn some things from my fellow human beings.

16 Responses to Why homosexuality isn’t ruining the world.

  1. You can search it on the web but 5-15% of all animal species on this planet (except those that do not have sex at all) are homosexual. That broadly means that it is natural that 5-15% of humans would be homosexual.

    The only unnatural orientation for humans is abstinence.

    Every argument against homosexuality (GLBTQ) is arguing against nature.

    Marriage was made up by mysongenists for a number of reasons, none of which have anything to do with gods.

    People who oppose marriage equality are gobshites that know nothing of history or their religion.

  2. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    I personally don’t have much against gay marriage. I mainly oppose gay sex. As long as the gays don’t have sex then there’s nothing unnatural about it.

    Then again, I generally oppose normal sex as well. Sex is meant to create babies. Anyone who can’t see that is blind. Having sex without creating babies is like eating food without … It’s a biological process.

    Don’t mess with nature, or Nature will eventually find a way to destroy you.

    • thatcatkatie says:

      Sex has emotional benefits, anyone who can’t see that probably hasn’t experience sex in such a way (I’d argue that some people aren’t capable of such intamacy, but I don’t know you personally). But we aren’t just animals – you can’t just simplify things like that so easily. Saying that, I also understand why you think the way you do. It’s just a no-nonsense view, but if you’re going to simplify things to that point, it seems to me like ignoring human complexity. We are obviously more than just biological processes, why else would things like art, music, books, or other great works of the imagination exist?

      Do I think that casual sex doesn’t have it’s negative effects? No, it can lead to unwanted pregnancies or STDs of course. But it’s up to the people who make the decision to be responsible about it, and most people aren’t. If it’s only supposed to be a one-time, make a baby deal, then why should we feel so compelled toward it in a natural way? Also, we’re social creatures. I can prove that just because you feel compelled to come on the internet and find people to talk to about things that interest you, it’s happening right now. Being social creatures with this level of intelligence would create a need to fulfill those social needs in more complex ways, like sex.

      • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

        Of course sex has emotional benefits, but it also has emotional drawbacks when the relationship gets screwed up because it’s being done for the wrong reasons. Large quantities of food also have emotional benefits, but too much of the wrong type of food will make you fat and unhealthy.

        Of course I believe in intimacy! That’s what I’m talking about, real intimacy with a real purpose (to create and then raise children). The problem with society today is that people treat sex as something casual, as a form of entertainment. They don’t really care about anything but how it makes them feel in that moment, without thinking about the long-term consequences.

        There is no safe and natural way to have sex without risk of pregnancy or a disease. Sexual “responsibility” by way of condoms is a form of delusion.

        Of course sex isn’t a “one-time, make a baby deal”. The emotions involved in sex are supposed to keep the parents together in order to raise the children and later produce more children (which raises more issues considering that the population on the planet is already kind of large).

        — Lastly, that first “anyone who can’t see that” line is really annoying. Maybe you should find a way to argue that doesn’t resort to ridiculing the other person’s speech pattern (since you obviously lifted that line from when I said “anyone who can’t see that is blind”). —

      • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

        I just wonder if homosexuals feel lonely and empty after having sex, because they know it’s only for the sake of feeling a certain way, and there’s no baby that’s going to result from it. It’s like half the point of the act is lost. I would think it’s a bit unsatisfying, like eating a meal and then vomiting it up later.

      • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

        You know what I hate? I hate it when I try to make a point and people jump to the complete opposite side of the argument.

        Sex is supposed to make babies AND be intimate.
        Food is supposed to make you strong AND taste good.

        I think society is out of balance because people focus too much on one aspect of a thing and don’t see the beauty of the whole.

      • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

        Were you molested as a child? You don’t have to answer, but the reason I wonder is because you just equated socialization with sex, and people who were molested as children often have an overactive interest in sex because it’s been ingrained in their minds at an early age.

        There are so many other ways to relate to people besides sex. Personally, if I had a girlfriend, I think we’d talk, go fun places — these are all things you can do with a platonic friend — hold hands, cuddle, and maybe kiss, and I think that would all be pretty fulfilling, but full-on sex just seems like a whole mess of trouble that would complicate and endanger the relationship.

      • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

        “But we aren’t just animals …”

        The twisted thing about what you said just there is that ordinarily when people argue that human beings are above animals, the argument is to deny the flesh, to deny sexual pleasure and seek spiritual enlightenment. You, on the other hand, seem to be exalting sex as some sort of transcendent experience, when it’s basically just a drug addiction that a person learns associates with a particular person.

        Sometimes I think Satan is real. “Satan” is that which twists wrong into right and darkness into light. He, the Deceiver and the Liar, appoints himself in place of “God” so that he may be worshiped by all those fools who are too blind to see through the false sense of security he has given them.

        • thatcatkatie says:

          Wow, that’s a lot of posts basically making the same point – that you think sex is evil unless you’re trying to create another person. Simply, I disagree. And I’d put a lot more effort into this response, but you’ve been absolutely rude. How dare you ask someone you don’t know if they were molested as a child, that’s presumptuous and not something that’s just okay to ask someone. In what scenario would it be acceptable to ask someone something so personal? I can’t respect you at all after that comment, and I refuse to indulge in your ridiculous perspective on the basis that you would stoop so low in such an discussion. Unbelievable.

        • thatcatkatie says:

          Oh, and here’s a tip for the future: It’s wrong to assume such serious things about people just because they disagree with your perspective. It’s a really awesome way to bring up serious emotional damage from someone’s past, and had I been molested as a child, I can guarantee my responses probably would be a lot less rational. What could you hope to accomplish with that question? You know if I had, I’d likely be a lot more livid and upset than I am now. My goal is to have civil conversations here, not to stoop like that and try to get some sort of emotional responses that is beside the point.

    • thatcatkatie says:

      Oh! And, silly me, forgot to make the biggest point – most species have been observed engaging in casual sex (i.e. sex that will not necessarily create offspring). It sounds like your definition of natural is a narrow one compared to the rest of the world’s.

      • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

        Animals also kill and eat each other, and pee and … in public. Should people kill and eat each other and pee and … in public?

        Some plants are poisonous to humans even though they are natural. Other plants are healthier sources of food than the artificial garbage food that’s prevalent in the modern world.

        Nature isn’t always right, but it often provides clues about what might be right. It’s up to you to have the wisdom to be able to tell the difference.

      • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

        By the way, when I capitalized “Nature”, it was for dramatic effect. I don’t actually think Nature is going to take revenge in some supernatural way on people who defy it. I’m only saying that sometimes when you interrupt natural processes that are healthy and work pretty well then you can eventually get yourself into trouble.

        In any case, have fun with your gays. This argument is pointless. Everyone’s got their own thing. Sex isn’t mine. Personally, I’ve always preferred cuddling as a form of physical affection.

      • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

        But there’s no foolproof way to control when a baby will result from sex and when one won’t. So, if animals are going around having casual sex all the time, the obvious question is who’s taking care of all those animal babies that result from all those animal pregnancies?

        (Oh, and I have no problem disagreeing with most of the rest of this world, because this world is going to hell, and I’m proud to resist it.)

    • Alex Jones says:

      Little you know about nature Matthew, because it has no morals and practices every perversion known to humanity. You had better keep to your safe little (no comments) blog because the truth out there in nature would give you terrible nightmares.

  3. Gus Ravenwheel says:

    You make excellent points, Katie. Perfect reasoning in your eight points. This sort of rational, easily observed reasoning is why the more conservative folk have lost this fight. They just don’t all realize it, yet. (and, in places like my own Kentucky home, it won’t be accepted for years to come, unfortunately).

    I know I’m new here, but is Matthew serious or is that some silly joke on his part? I hope the latter…


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