Atheist disclaimer.

I have actually had two people make a comment that was something along the lines of this to me: That atheists use things like evolution or the big bang theory solely to discredit Christians.

My jaw just about dropped at this comment. How narcissistic do you have to be to believe that opposing world views exist solely as an attempt to debunk yours?

Obviously I oppose your views, but I oppose the views of every other religion, too. What makes you think you’re so special to me? It’s true I can more easily relate to Christianity because I was a Christian, so why wouldn’t I know a little more about it? Why wouldn’t it be a little easier to relate to?

I’m sorry but, I’m not an atheist BECAUSE you’re a Christian, anymore than you’re a Christian BECAUSE I’m an atheist. I have my views because I find the world’s religion unsatisfactory in explaining the world or as moral authorities, so I turn to myself, to science, and to discussion in order to make sense of the world. But I don’t just go off believing whatever on a whim because it conveniently conflicts with religion. It might be good for you to get off of that imaginary pedestal sometime.


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I came to this site to discuss my beliefs, and yours too, and hopefully learn some things from my fellow human beings.

7 Responses to Atheist disclaimer.

  1. Glad to say that I’ve never had anyone that ignorant try to tell me my atheism is wrong because….

  2. goldheathen says:

    I don’t believe in evolution to debunk Christianity, the FACT of evolution happens to debunk the Christian myth and I periodically point that out. Good post. Thanks for the post.

    • Hi! In what way do you think the fact of evolution debunks the Christian myth? As a believer in both evolution and the truth of Christianity, I’m interested 😉

      • thatcatkatie says:

        I think that if you look at the history of the church to jump on whatever bandwagon the scientists of the time were on, this situation looks just like that one. They once validated a flat-earth theory, simply because it didn’t conflict with their teachings. However, given that creationists tend to believe in the Adam and Eve story – that directly conflicts with the origins of the first humans as we know them now. In a lot of ways, evolution doesn’t conflict, but then the theories that connect to it – like abiogenesis, definitely conflict with what the bible teaches. I think that they only go so far hand-in-hand until you get to the more complicated parts, and then they start to go against what creationism says happened.

      • goldheathen says:

        Evolution shows us that there is a perfectly natural, rational process responsible for the presence of life on this planet. It demonstrates to us that life did not simply blip into existence at the whim of some all-powerful external force. It also shows us that the creation myths, all of the creation myths, including the Christian one, are drastic oversimplifications of a much more complex, much grander reality. We know now that the account of creation presented by the church is false. Given that fact why would we grant any of the rest of it any more veracity?

  3. goldheathen says:

    Glad you liked it. I’m honored, I don’t know if I’ve ever been quoted before 🙂

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