Theories and facts.

I heard someone use this analogy years ago in trying to explain to someone why Evolutionary Theory having the world theory in it, does not mean it is not fact. I’m probably butchering this, but I’ll do my best:

Consider it like this – you have an apple in front of you, and someone asks you to prove it. How do you assert the fact that the apple is an apple if the person tells you that you only hypothesize it is an apple without proving it? You test it – and your tests would always definitively point to it being an apple, and within scientific parameters I suppose we’d call this the theory of an apple (keep in mind, I’m making this up as an example, I’m sure no one has ever tried to prove that an apple was an apple). Now, in the world of science, an established theory means that it is widely accepted as truth because when put to the test the results obtained to prove whatever theory it is are consistent, all evidence collected is consistent, and there is no definitive evidence to say otherwise – which is what you find if you tested the apple, that all evidence points to it being an apple, it has all the physical characteristics of an apple, but in science you would still have to label it a theory – because science acknowledges that there may be new information out there we don’t have yet. But the fact that an apple is an apple is just as valid as the fact that evolution happens, people seem to get confused because science tacks the words theory on the end of it.


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I came to this site to discuss my beliefs, and yours too, and hopefully learn some things from my fellow human beings.

4 Responses to Theories and facts.

  1. chicagoja says:

    Well said. Unfortunately, though, science tacks on the word “fact” on the end of it.

  2. atheistslut says:

    It seems those who deny consistent scientific evidence are usually predisposed to stick their head in the sand when said theories don’t agree with their own ideals. So sad and pompous.

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