I’ve been dealing with some resurfacing anxiety issues lately, hoping I can get ahold of them before it starts to interfere with my life again. But anyways, this feeling of being on edge all of the time, constantly worrying – my friends tend to notice it. I got to talking to another agnostic friend of mine the other day, we started talking about stress, which led to fears, which led to a discussion about our mortality, and then I remembered this:

“I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”

The words are commonly attributed to Mark Twain, but there’s some small controversy over the source. However, the source matters little to me – I think this exemplifies the way I’ve felt about death since deconverting (or at least a little while after). However, it’s true. We tend to think of death as some big looming thing, but really, it is just the name we give to something we do not know – the opposite of life. Is it possible I’m wrong? Sure. But that’s really not what I’m getting at here. I just, if I think about it this way, I find it hard to fear death. The time before I was alive – I can hardly rap my head around that in a real, solid way, but I’m not afraid of it. It was the opposite of me having been alive, in a sense, it was death, too.


About thatcatkatie
I came to this site to discuss my beliefs, and yours too, and hopefully learn some things from my fellow human beings.

4 Responses to Fears.

  1. No need to worry about death… you’ll never know it.

  2. How do you know that you won’t be alive after death? Or where you’ll be? As there’s no evidence that there isn’t life after death (and if you think about it, there never could be evidence that proves no life after death), this has to be a faith position, would you agree?

  3. john zande says:

    Nice post! Anxiety is not fun, i know.

    I know it’s a little long, but i wrote something on death which i’d be keen to hear your thoughts on (when you get a chance)


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