Good news – Cards for Collin

Time for some good news, fellow bloggers.

This little boy, who had little chance of surviving cancer, has now been in remission for almost a year because of new treatments. His single father is asking people send Collin cards on the anniversary of his transplant that saved his life – Dec. 21 – congratulating him and wishing him a merry Christmas. This will be the first holiday seasons the 7-year-old hasn’t been in the hospital for, I am definitely sending him a card.

Here’s a link to the news story –


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3 Responses to Good news – Cards for Collin

  1. Mark Manheim says:

    Hi. This is Mark Manheim, Collin’s dad. I just wanted to thank you not only for your card, but for spreading the word. He had his 1 yr check up yesterday and it was all good. He even got to come off his anti-rejection meds. I will be sending you some pics of his reaction to getting all his cards. Thanks again–and I hope you enjoy your holidays as much as you helped my son enjoy his………………………………Mark Manheim

    • thatcatkatie says:

      You’re so welcome! I actually only stuck my card in the mailbox yesterday, but it will be there soon. I’d love to see his reaction, I hope you two have the best Christmas.

  2. Mark Manhei,m says:
    This is Collin’s dad, mark. I wanted to share the link with you so you and your readers could see the response my son got with the greating cards and his reaction when he got them on the eve of his anniversary. I hope everyone has a moment this comming year where they can feel the joy that my son felt on that evening. Thanks to everyone that sent him a card.

    Mark Manheim

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