Why religious morality is subjective and not objective.

I’m sure other atheists have run into this argument – that religion provides an objective morality without which we would not be able to tell right from wrong without subjectivity coming into play. Now, this post isn’t even about whether or not an objective morality exists (although I will eventually post about that), it’s about why religious morality is NOT objective and it’s illogical to claim that it is.

Is there any good reason, let’s say between Islam and Christianity, to believe that Allah is more believable/true than Yahweh? Or to believe Hinduism or maybe Buddhism over one of the Abrahamic religions? No, these religions all have about the same amount of evidence – none. They all hold ancient religious texts that contradict themselves (except perhaps Buddhism, although I have never read the Pali Cannon or other texts in their entirety and haven’t done much research on it, since the teachings have nothing to do with a divine creator and more with enlightenment, morality, and the cycle of reincarnation) and hold stories of myths and events that are impossible (Jonah and the fish.. or whale.. depends on who you speak to). People choose and believe religions for subjective reasons – faith, because it offers comfort, because the words of these holy texts speak to them on certain levels – but never for objective ones – reasons that would present testable evidence. If there was an objective reason to believe in any religion, I would not be an atheist. And since all religions claim to hold the only real truth, obviously even IF one of them held the truth, that would leave thousands of belief systems being well… wrong. This isn’t news though, or at least it shouldn’t be.

So, having established that belief in religion is subjective – how could you possibly claim that the beliefs taught by that religion are objective, when there are only subjective reasons to even believe that the religion is true or that God exists? How can something be objective if there is NO reason, no evidence, no verifiable proof to suggest that the supposed being that’s handing down these moral rules even exists?

The existence of God is either reality, or it isn’t. And since there’s no solid reason to assume there is a God, why would I logically accept that the teachings of any one God – there are many to pick from – are objective? Objectivity is completely separate from faith, and since faith (the state of believing without need for evidence that something is true) is the main component of religious belief that makes the belief itself subjective, (there are philosophical components, but none that provide evidence) they are mutually exclusive in every way.



Before I end this, an update on the Looking Glass posts (just ignore this whole chunk if you don’t know what I’m talking about) : I am still working on the first one, but with finals coming up I have a strong suspicion I’m going to have to put that on hold until the semester ends and I’m not typing up so many papers to the point that I can’t even enjoy writing something long on here.


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7 Responses to Why religious morality is subjective and not objective.

  1. chicagoja says:

    Why always this fuss about religion. You know what it is, I know what it is and even many believers understand, in part, what it is. Religions are what they are, nothing more and nothing less. Why not just leave it alone…unless there is an underlying point to the banter.

    • thatcatkatie says:

      Why read the posts if you are not interested in the content?

      • chicagoja says:

        I’m interested in the content and you write a very good post. i was just making a comment that this topic is an obsession with some people.

        • thatcatkatie says:

          Replying a second time because of a bad typo my phone decided to autocorrect for me. Anyways, I’m not obsessed – you only see the part I me that spends time on this website. I don’t go around in my every day life talking about these things unless someone else wants to, which doesn’t happen too often. This is a place to put my thoughts on religion, and since I want to live in a secular world I can’t ignore the issues religion touches upon. There are other aspects I want to talk about too, I’m a social creature. If you are genuinely curious, there’s your answer. If however, you merely find my thoughts amusing and cannot consider my perspective reasonably, then there is no point in trying to discuss things with me. I’m not trying to deconvert anyone, although I’m not saying that wouldn’t be cool in a sense – and you can’t say you don’t feel the same way if converting people isn’t your goal on this site. I don’t have some sort of hidden agenda though, to say so would really be grasping at straws.

    • Your point might be valid if religions were not oppressing others and denying rights to others. You might have a good point if religions were not actively trying to kill people who do not believe like them. Get over yourself. Your malaize is disgusting.

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