A day in the life of God… oh wait.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

1: the time of light between one night and the next
2: the period of rotation of a planet (as earth) or a moon on its axis
3: the mean solar day of 24 hours beginning at mean midnight
According to Genesis, God created the Sun on the fourth day. Seeing as how days are measured by the above criteria, I’d like to know how this was determined. If nothing else, this should be a good  example that the bible is solely the word of man and not inspired by any divine entity.
A day is literally meaningless the second you leave earth. Sure, you can still measure time in such increments – but they are based on the way the earth turns. Without the earth, a day to us wouldn’t be anything. A day on another planet is quite a different length of time. So why would a supernatural entity, obviously not confined to any planet (at least not one we know of) even bother describing these increments of time in which He created things days. A day would not even have existed until the fourth ‘day’ where He finally created the sun.
Or, if a ‘day’ to God is more like a thousand years to us, or six thousand, or whatever number – this suggest we have some sort of knowledge that God lives on a planet where a day is that length of time as set by whichever star that God’s home planet rotates around. A day is a measurement of time that is literally meaningless without a planet within a solar system by which to define it. So, if this text were divinely inspired, why would there not be a different increment of time used to describe the creation of the world? A day only applies to us earthly creatures, not to a supernatural one.

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  1. makagutu says:

    You are on point!

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