Reasons against secularism – well.. there aren’t any good ones.

I have to wonder why it is that so many religious people are actively against secularism and for the intertwining of church and state. Why are you actively against the idea of a society in which…

  • You are allowed to believe whatever religion (or none) you choose to
  • The government may neither punish or reward you for your religious beliefs
  • No one is punished for violating rules of a religion they don’t follow
  • No one is given unequal benefits for believing in a specific religion
  • Government is about the safety of the people and regulation of goods, not enforcing religious beliefs not all people who are governed over hold

As far as I can tell, the only reason to be against this is because you want unfair treatment FOR your religion. You want the laws of the country to follow your religion, and it doesn’t bother you that this forces people who think things other than what you think to adhere to them. You’re not interested in government playing the role it should, nor are you interested in a level playing field, you’re interested in what does the best job to enforce your religious views. You don’t care that in a secular society, you would still be allowed to hold your beliefs and traditions, you want everyone else to have to deal with them, too. You don’t care about freedom of religion (even if you claim to) because it doesn’t bother you that the laws adhere to your religion even though all people in the country do not follow your religion. You aren’t interested in equality so long as you get the special treatment and everyone else just deals with it.

So basically, the only reason to be against secularism, is because there’s some sort of religious agenda being pushed. However, if you are in a religious minority in your country, or an atheist of some sort, often you’ll be a secularist.

If the U.S. had a law system modeled after Islam, I’m sure Christians would finally get this concept. But they don’t get it, since the majority are Christians. It doesn’t occur to them that laws against gay marriage are religious laws that they shouldn’t be allowed to force on the country as a whole. It doesn’t occur to many that school is for learning and not for prayer (send your kid to a Christian school if this is what you want). Maybe it would matter to them if they lived under a law system formed by another religion, then they’d get why separation of church and state are critical – so that people actually have a level playing field, so that no belief system is favored over another.

Secular societies in the world report happy populations and low crime rates. They provide an environment where you may believe whatever you wish and have those beliefs in your every day life – and no one else is forced to live by them, and you aren’t forced to live by anyone else’s beliefs. You can’t be punished or governed by a religious system which you do not believe in. What possible good reason is there to oppose this?


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I came to this site to discuss my beliefs, and yours too, and hopefully learn some things from my fellow human beings.

One Response to Reasons against secularism – well.. there aren’t any good ones.

  1. People seem to have a hard time connecting the dots. These laws are put in place to protect atheists just as much as Muslims and Christians. They keep crossing the line — our duty is to politely ask them to return from whence they came. 🙂

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