It’s not hate speech just because you don’t like what I have to say.

Things can only be defined as hate speech if they are hateful.

If someone expresses disagreement or points out a major flaw in your belief system, this is not hate. If however they say something along the lines of, “Catholics should die because I disagree with them.” That is hate speech.

I will not silence my opinions for anyone else’s comfort. I’d be happy to shut the fuck up if I was saying something like what I mentioned above, but since such a sentence would NEVER leave my lips, I won’t be shutting up.

I am allowed to care about my atheism and the way it relates to the world. I am allowed to care about the shortcomings and untruths of any and all religions. Especially when these things actively prevent the advancement of human knowledge, especially when there is still blatant discrimination of atheists in the world today just for having these views, and especially when I see people’s lives and well-being still being ruined by so-called loving religions.

I usually don’t get anywhere near angry, but I am now. Atheists may not still be tortured, condemned, killed, imprisoned, etc. at the hands of powerful religious officials on a global scale as a socially acceptable thing to do – but there is NO EXCUSE (and there never was, but people get smarter over time as a whole) why I should have to live in a world where people are still kicked out of their homes for not believing, where in other countries atheism is still illegal and has many harsh and unwarranted punishments, where people are treated as lesser human beings for wanting equal happiness with the people they love who happen to be the same sex as them due to a religious doctrine in a country where not all people follow that doctrine, where people are threatened by secularism because they are afraid the way that systems have favored their beliefs so blatantly will cease, where little girls are shot in another country for wanting to go to school, where churches don’t have to pay taxes and in turn the people end up paying more for a belief system they don’t support (do you have any idea how much taxing churches could reduce the deficit?), where the AIDS crisis in this world is getting worse because people want to convince others that safe sex is a sin just because sex makes them uncomfortable, where people are still hanged in other countries for not following religious rules, where women are raped and beaten  in parts of the world for not going along with archaic views, etc. In fact – I’ll just give you this link here.

If this makes you uncomfortable as a religious person – or you feel I’m being unfair by not recognizing the good religion can do, I have more to say.

No acts of kindness ever done have been specific to religion.People might act through a place such as a church, but the acts of kindness belong to the people. Countless people, however, have had their lives ruined and taken away from them because of religion-specific problems – and all because all of the horrifying parts of scripture have been used as an awful excuse for people to act in a wrong way.

The parts of scripture that address the horrid way slaves were treated, the many things you can be put to death for, the treatment of rape victims, or the way that torture was condoned toward enemies, or countless other horrible things you could find in most holy books may make you uncomfortable, a person may believe they are not the message of  religion, but they are in that book as a piece of that religion. They are just as wholly a piece of any religion as the parts where you’re told to ‘love they neighbor’. But the human mind goes to incredible lengths to hold onto cognitive dissonance in order to explain what it wants to be true.

Religion isn’t making anyone kinder or more morally correct. This should be made more than apparent by the Spanish Inquisition alone. Those traits – kindness, forgiveness, selflessness, are innate and will manifest themselves in many ways regardless of whether or not a person has a belief in any god or gods.


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I came to this site to discuss my beliefs, and yours too, and hopefully learn some things from my fellow human beings.

5 Responses to It’s not hate speech just because you don’t like what I have to say.

  1. We need to stop it with this “everyone has a right to their beliefs” stuff … While it may be technically true, we shouldn’t be enabling people to believe in imaginary things. I hold myself to this standard: if I cannot defend it, then I have no right to get defensive about it.

    • thatcatkatie says:

      Yo! I responded to the person below but the answer also applies to your comment here as well. Just thought I’d leave something here in case you forget about the post (I often do this) and still wanted to see the response.

  2. makagutu says:

    We can’t encourage people to continue holding religious beliefs in this time and age.

    • thatcatkatie says:

      I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad for having them either, I just want them to fully examine what it is they’re labeling themselves with, and understand that if you’re going to label yourself as Christian, that comes with an uncomfortable history of Christian churches doing horrible things because of the horrible things in scripture. They may be extremists, but the material was still there – there are reasons to interpret scripture in more than just what is the favorable way.

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