Hey you religious people!

These are mostly for Christians, since I’m writing for my audience and it happens to be the religion I know most about, but some others will apply to other faiths as well.

Question time.

First, let me explain my intentions – people always seem suspicious of this, which surprised me at first, but it’s easier now just to explain right away. I’m interested in your answers, and from your answers I might ask more questions. I’m not trying to make you lose faith. I’m trying to understand the many different ways people think about and interact with religion, if I disagree with something you say, I won’t do it by calling you a derogatory name. I except the same type of courtesy back, because otherwise I can’t learn anything from you and neither can you from me. I’ve simplified these a lot and changed them from my wordpress account. Anyways, here we go.

  1. If you believe that the purpose of the universe is to foster human life, how do you explain the time surrounding human existence? 99.999999% of all time in which anything existed did not include human life, so this means the universe did some serious procrastinating in turning us up on earth if it is supposedly created for us.
  2. Assuming that God created the whole of existence, where does God come from? If you claim god is eternal – how/why? Why is is conceivable for god to be eternal in order to have created all of the matter that makes up existence, but not for matter to have possibly existed in a way that would make the big bang plausible?
  3. How do you explain inconsistencies in the bible or other holy books? If man wrote them, are they not fallible? Why should they be trusted? There was no peer review process, we have only speculation to go on about their authors and at what time they were written. They are famously unreliable documents with bits of history sprinkled in.
  4. Do you believe evolution? Why/why not? If you do, how do you explain the conflicting teachings of religion with evolutionary theory? Do you know what deism is?
  5. How do you explain that stories such as virgin birth of a savior who was also resurrected three days after their death showing up in earlier religions? These religions often worshiped multiple gods that were nothing like the Christian gods, and had different prophets – yet these stories remain.
  6. Do you think it makes sense to use one lifetime to judge what happens to your eternal soul?
  7. Why do you think there is no clear evidence for God? Feelings are not clear evidence – I used to be a Christian, every time I felt some amazement at something and credited god – I still have those feelings, I just don’t find any reason to credit god anymore since I find no reason to believe god exists.
  8. Why is it that, when someone dies Christians are so sad? If the person was good, they’d go to heaven wouldn’t they? Isn’t this a sort of cognitive dissonance that suggest that deep-down, there is unbelief? I understand this is a basic question, it was just something I often wondered as a kid
  9. Why is it, do you think, that descriptions of heaven are so vague and the ones of hell are so vivid? Is it possible that this is a sort of marketing ploy to keep people afraid and to keep the idea of heaven vague so people could make what they wanted of it? Did you know the ideas of heaven and hell have basically evolved from the Judaic Sheol?
  10. Do you know what the Council of Nicea is? If so, what are your personal views on the work they did? In so many words, I’d view it as the biggest marketing ploy of all time by the church, instead of being concerned with truth.

About thatcatkatie
I came to this site to discuss my beliefs, and yours too, and hopefully learn some things from my fellow human beings.

16 Responses to Hey you religious people!

  1. makagutu says:

    I can’t wait for the answers

  2. Good set of questions, but that hardly scratches the surface on what theists should be answering 😉

    • evolutions1 says:

      I have found it hard trying to get a theist to tell me what a theist is, he didn’t know, but even trying to get a straight answer from some theists is kinda annoying, Religion’s will never answer for what they have done in name of the god/s they believe in. But they will certainly shout it from the rooftops proudly & claim it was moral to do so back then & even now.

      • It’s going to take a lot of educating to get them to see what they are doing wrong. I think it will take a concerted effort to point out at every opportunity what it is that is wrong with what they say and think and why there are better ways to think. Every rebuke must be accompanied by education. I think it can work.

        • evolutions1 says:

          Yes, Education is a must, Creationism seems to be thriving in some Countries more than others, sometimes just sometimes though its hard to keep a straight face listening to the things they say, but i do try. I reckon Education is the key. But how do we deal with faith school’s or Religious founded/funded College’s/University’s & Governments imposing their religion over the rest of the people around the world, It seems like a losing battle sometime’s, but a battle we must be a part of none the less. ” I just wish this end-times thing would hurry up and take them all to the place they want to be anyway, this heaven place i keep hearing all about, ” it gets boring after a while, after the laughing has stopped that is ;p,

          • I share your frustrations on levels that would make you blush. We (I say we like there is an organization to this, but there is not) need people to show that religious schools do not produce productive members of society when compared to non-religious schools. Data like this changes the game because when money is involved, everyone has to produce. Religious schools are no better at that game than anyone else. If graduating from a relligious school gets you no points in the world, people won’t go there. You have to use the money to motivate people. Trust me, there is one thing that theists know and have adopted from the secular world (very early on – see one angry Jesus with the money changers) and that is money talks, your bullshit prayers walk. If there is no money in it, they’ll shut the schools down. Now, what do we do to make it a (hehehehehe) non-profit effort?

            Think like that and you’ll find good answers …

          • evolutions1 says:

            lol, like your thinking, even in the midst of religiosity you seem to keep a cool head, been a while since i had decent discussion about religion, usually am getting called all sorts of names by now haha, what’s funny is they believe in all this heaven/hell nonsense & still cant act like nice people. Thanks myatheistlife, its been enlightening, all the best to you, need to log off, got work in 3 hours, keep up the good fight. Thanks again ;p,

          • thatcatkatie says:

            I’m loving this conversation going on here.

    • thatcatkatie says:

      Figured I’d give em the basics first (:

      • That’s a good start 😉
        I love your blog posts. Okay, maybe it’s just a furious like or something like serious desire or something… but you know what I mean… right?

        • thatcatkatie says:

          Thank you! That means a lot! I figure as well, these questions usually lead to the bigger issues if I can get people in the right direction (assuming they want to answer me). There’s still a lot I’m still learning about science and religion too, so asking these things is a way of learning about things I don’t fully grasp or haven’t heard every aspect of. I just so rarely get people who want to have a real conversation about these types of things 😛 I posted this on my tumblr and instantly I have someone preaching to me instead of answering me.

          • It is my goal this year to discuss. Not win arguments, just discuss. I have discussions with theists and it seems to me that most of them do not know their own holy text. So far it has been much about telling them what it says. I think education is a key part of what is needed to bring society to where it needs to be.

  3. evolutions1 says:

    Thank you for posting this, really enjoyed reading it. I was never raised a believer, could not be happier of that fact. I do have sympathy for those who were indoctrinated & don’t think they are ” saying to them that’s how indoctrination works ” just falls on deaf ears & the glazed look over their eyes leads me to believe they cant help it. Its the whole am going to hell thing ( they’d say) that used to bug me, yes really threatening me with an imaginary destination is really supposed to convince me into their way of thinking. Threats of eternal damnation only work on the religious/easily led, so its kind of wasted on me, but i do have fun with it. Once again, thanks for posting this, look forward to your future post’s. Dean

  4. This is easy:

    1) The universe is only 6,000 years old and humans have been around for almost the whole time. (Citation: Bible)

    2) God is outside space and time.

    3) the Holy Bible is not fallible, we are. If anything seems to be an “inconsistency” it’s because we as humans are not clever enough to rectify those inconsistencies.

    4) man came from a monkey??? Haha, scientists are crazy!

    5) It’s a test from God, my brother.

    6) yes

    7) Look at a newborn baby’s smile. If that’s not evidence enough for God, I don’t know what is.

    8) We are sad because we can’t see them for possibly many decades. Duh.

    9) everyone knows in their hearts what heaven is. There’s no need to go into detail.

    10) the people at the council of Nicea were inspired by the hand of God.

  5. Kari says:

    This looks like fun! Just a heads up, I’m not deeply religious like I pray for five hours or anything but if someone were to ask about my faith, I will say I’m Roman Catholic.

    1. …I’ve actually never given thought about the “purpose” of the universe. Does the universe need a purpose? It just happened. And now we here, some time later.

    2. “Where does God come from?” That’s a tough question. I honestly have no idea. I like to think He exists outside our human domain and He just operates from there. Maybe time moves slower in that divine domain and it works differently from our version of time…maybe time doesn’t exist at all. I really have no clue. I just wrote that because it made the most sense to me.

    Like if time doesn’t exist than there’d be no beginning or end for Him, right? So in a way He’s eternal, just not in the sense of an endless passage of time. He’s just there, moving in a single point of void, working in His mysterious ways.

    I have no clue what I’m writing.

    3. Well religiously speaking, any texts other than the Holy Bible are wrong. Rationally speaking, every holy text was subject to the author’s subjectivity and unique world view. Some people read the Bible as a textbook of actual history. I don’t see any history, but I do see passages that have messages in them. I trust the abstract message, not the concrete, written words.

    4. I do believe in evolution, and I can’t explain the conflicting teachings. Though I will write that the Bible is not a book of facts. It is of truths, i.e. lessons, messages, aphorisms, etc.

    I do not know what deism is.

    5. Never heard of that, but it sounds really interesting. My best answer is that they’re stories, yes, but not necessarily true stories. I guess the same could be said about Jesus Christ’s birth and resurrection, but at least there is historical evidence that a Jesus Christ had lived some millennia ago.

    6. Haven’t given that much thought. I mean…I got an entire afterlife to worry about my eternal soul. Right now, I just wanna live God’s gift of life to me.

    7. I’m sure you’ve heard this plenty of times before but I firmly believe God exists in a divine plane of human existence. Science is meant to explain *our natural world*, i.e. the world we humans exist in, not the divine. Even if it’s not the Christian God, there’s still a powerful force in this Universe that is responsible for its creation.

    If people claim “everything happens for a reason” then what is the justification for the Universe? Why did the Big Bang happen? We have theories on how it happened, if it happened at all (it is the Big Bang THEORY, after all). I’m asking *why*. Where did the tiniest point of existence even come from when there was nothing? How did it manifest? How did it validate its existence?

    We don’t know the answers. We may never know. The answers may never translate into human thought or language; thus, we’ll never be able to process and understand them. Not as long as we remain in human form and operate within our puny domain of three-dimensions.

    I don’t know why there’s no clear evidence for God, but if there were, do you really think us humans would understand it? Understand something as divine and mysterious as God?

    8. I highly doubt that xD But good theory. The only flaw I found is how Christians are apparently seen as the only ones who gets sad when someone dies. I would have thought that all non-psychopathic and non-sociopathic humans would feel grief. Unless you’re saying Christians *shouldn’t* feel sad because the person, if they were good, will go to Heaven. But I mean…really?

    We’re human. We feel things. We form attachments and bonds. We have people we love and cherish. And we’ll miss them when it’s their time to go. It’s grief. We can’t help ourselves if we want to behave at a human level.

    9. Though I don’t like the term “marketing ploy”, this does make sense to me. I agree with you that it’s to keep people afraid. Consequently, Hell sounds like an awful place, right? All the more reason for us Christians to strive to get closer to God in Heaven.

    And no, I didn’t know that. Sounds intriguing.

    10. No clue, sorry…

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