Good news – Cards for Collin

Time for some good news, fellow bloggers.

This little boy, who had little chance of surviving cancer, has now been in remission for almost a year because of new treatments. His single father is asking people send Collin cards on the anniversary of his transplant that saved his life – Dec. 21 – congratulating him and wishing him a merry Christmas. This will be the first holiday seasons the 7-year-old hasn’t been in the hospital for, I am definitely sending him a card.

Here’s a link to the news story –


Because every once in a while, reading a news story about a cool cat is better than discussing my mortality. Seriously though, this made me smile wide.

Why Evolution Is True

From last year’s Torygraph, contributed by alert reader Kaoru (whose girlfriend found the article), we learn that a cat named Artful Dodger. . . well, I’ll let the paper tell the tale:

The ginger moggie, who was named after the Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist, has taken to hopping on and off the public transport at the bus station near his home.

The 15-year-old Tom even sits on bemused passengers’ laps as the bus makes up to 10 mile round trips from Bridport to Charmouth in Dorset.

Dodger is such a regular customer that some of the drivers take tins of cat food to work with them to give to him. They even know what stop to let him off at.

At the end of his journies the roving moggy returns to his home and owner Fee Jeanes.

Mrs Jeanes, 44, believes Dodger first took a liking to the…

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