Uganda anti-gay laws

Uganda anti-gay laws

I really don’t see how letting gay people live their lives is more evil than killing them because they make you feel uncomfortable. Spread the information.

Homosexuals don’t ruin society, homophobes do.


A post regarding Obama and Romney that isn’t entirely political.

Why are there people out there who believe that Obama is a Muslim (just because his father was doesn’t automatically mean he would be), or an atheist? And then they go on to use this false information as a reason not to vote for him. First of all, that’s closed-mindedness at its peak. Second, he’s Christian. Why do people care that Romney is a mormon unless he imposes those mormon views onto government system (which he is, but this is beside the point) but let’s get to what I’m talking about here.

It’s already been proven that religious views that match up with those of the masses don’t necessarily make a good leader. How’s it been proven? Ever hear of Hitler? He was a christian. So why is it so important to people of this country that their leader’s religious views line up with (or come close to) theirs? Being religious or not doesn’t dictate a person’s capabilities when it comes to a job like being president. Only the small-mindedness of indoctrinated, scared minds would not be able to see this.

There are plenty of reason to hate Obama and Romney, they’re politicians who have both done their fair share of awful things. Why not just focus on the actual issues? Why do you have to resort to small-minded arguments to come up with reasons not to like politicians?